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higan v095 released2015-10-07

"Just when I thought I was out ... they pull me back in!"

After 20 months of development, higan v095 is released at long last!

The most notable feature is vastly improved Game Boy Advance emulation. With many thanks to endrift, Cydrak, Jonas Quinn and jchadwick, this release contains substantially improved CPU timings and many bugfixes. Being one of only two GBA emulators to offer ROM prefetch emulation, higan is very near mGBA in terms of accuracy, and far ahead of all others. As a result of these fixes, compatibility is also much higher than in v094.

There are also several improvements to SNES emulation. Most significantly is support for mid-scanline changes to the background mode in the accuracy profile.

Due to substantial changes to the user interface library used by higan, this release features yet again a brand-new UI. With the exception of video shaders and NSS DIP switch selection, it is at feature-parity with the previous UI. It also offers some new features that v094 lacked.

The cheat code database has also been updated to the latest version by mightymo.

Lastly, I will not be offering official 32-bit Windows binaries going forward. higan will technically build and run on 32-bit systems, but I am tired of having to jump through flaming hoops to update MinGW32's headers that haven't been updated since 1996. The 10% performance hit for running in 32-bit mode is also a significant deterrent. If anyone wants to take over 32-bit Windows builds, I'll happily link them from the higan downloads page.

Note: I'm working on a new user guide to explain how to use higan and icarus. So if you have trouble using this release, check back here in a few days please. But essentially, you run icarus to import your games, and then higan to play them. It's a bit different from the direct integration of ananke with v094.

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higan v094.44 beta2015-09-30

Lots of improvements to GBA emulation over the past month, so I wanted to go ahead and post one more beta release before committing to v095 official.

You can download and discuss the beta here.

trance v01 released2015-09-30

I've posted trance to the tools section of the site.

This is a tool that I use for translating content (such as manga chapters) from Japanese to English. Of course, you can use it for localization from any language to any other language.

Currently, it only compiles with GTK+, so Linux or the Windows GTK+ run-time is required; and you will need to build it yourself to use it.

This probably won't be too useful to others, but it's up just in case anyone is interested in such a thing.

higan v094.41 beta2015-08-21

New higan beta is up. This time, it includes icarus. This is the new tool used to import games into the higan library. As always, testing would be greatly appreciated. This is likely to be the final WIP before v095 is released.

Download here.

Tool pages re-added2015-07-30

I've re-added the pages for bass, beat, kaijuu, mosaic and libco. Download links for each have also been restored.

I still need to add the pages for the SNES, nall, ruby and hiro.

Also, I added a social media accounts page. If someone online is claiming to be me, you can verify the claim by checking this page. It's also great for stalking, if that's your thing.

Server rewrite2015-07-09

Sorry for the news wipe. I wanted to make it easier to update content on the site, so I retooled things. Not all the way there just yet, but I can at least update the main site with a single command now.

higan v094.36 beta2015-07-09

I've posted a beta release of higan v094.36. I would certainly appreciate any testing, if anyone has time.

You can download and discuss the beta here.

IPv6 Support2015-07-09

For whatever it's worth, now supports IPv6.