higan v094 released2014-01-20

This release adds support for game libraries, and substantially improves Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulation with cycle-based renderers. Many other changes are also present.

It's very important to note that this release now defaults to optimal drivers rather than safe drivers. This is particularly important if you do not have strong OpenGL 3.2 drivers. If performance is bad, go to Settings -> Configuration -> Advanced, change the video driver, and restart higan. In the rare case that you have trouble opening higan, you can edit settings.bml directly and change the setting there. The Windows safe driver is Direct3D, and the Linux safe driver is XShm.

Also note that although display emulation shaders are now supported, they have not been included in this release as they are not ready yet. The support has been built-in anyway, so that they can be tested by everyone. Once refined, future releases of higan will come with built-in shaders for each emulated system that simulates the unique display characteristics of each.


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Want to buy Super Famicom games2014-01-09

I am currently unable to track down certain Super Famicom games (complete in box with manual), despite my best efforts to search for them.

If there is anyone out there, especially in Japan, willing to help me locate these games, and/or sell me their games, I would be very greatly appreciative. I will not only pay full market value, but a reasonable commission that we can discuss on top of each game found.

If you're willing to help, please contact me on the forum. Thank you!

Programming library pages are up2014-01-07

libco, nall, ruby and phoenix pages are up with downloads available.

Site redesign2014-01-06

Once again, the site has been redesigned. My previous attempt at a horizontal menu without dropdowns ended up being really clunky. There's really no other way to handle depth traversal horizontally without dropdowns, so in they go. As per usual, it will be a while before all of the content is re-added, so please be patient on that front.