About Myself2015-07-09

A little about myself ...


I am a C++ programmer with over fifteen years of experience.

My programming philosophy is to focus on accuracy, simplicity, and performance; in that order. By accuracy, I refer to correctness, stability, and the absence of bugs. By simplicity, I refer to code size, consistency and readability. By performance, I refer to using statically-typed, compiled languages, and appropriate algorithms that scale well.

My most notable projects include:


I reprogram software for English-speaking audiences. My most notable completed projects are Dragon Quest V and Der Langrisser for the Super Famicom. Future planned projects are Tengai Makyou Zero and Bahamut Lagoon.


I work to preserve digital media, so that it might be available for future generations. I have collected, scanned, and imaged every Super Nintendo game released in North America. I am currently working on the Japanese Super Famciom collection.


I have been studying the Japanese language for longer than I care to admit.

Although I am far from fluent, I'll often work on translations of short doujinshi and other such material.


I enjoy drawing in my spare time with a Wacom Intuos tablet. I have very little natural artistic talent, so this mostly serves as a fun pastime.